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About Us

Boutique Audio Store is the professional audio equipment sales department of Smart Audio Services.



Boutique Audio Store is more focused on boutique equipment and selected price/performance items that can hold their own with the big guys.

Working all these years as recording and mixing engineers and driven by our passion for music and sound, we spend counltess hours working with, auditioning, researching for and discussing about all the tools that help us get the job done: Pro Audio Equipment.
During this course, we have discovered some outstanding pieces of gear that were unavailable in Greece. Equipment that offer really special features, have a great price/performance ratio or are just outright extaordinary sounding!
This led us to the decision to represent them in Greece and that was the beginning of Boutique Audio Store.
We currently represent Audio Maintenance Limited (AML), Bettermaker, Kahayan Proaudio, Lindell Audio, Line Audio, MIAD Audio and plan on adding more manufacturers in the future.
Further more we decided to become resellers of other quality / boutique brands allready distributed in Greece and therefore present even more solutions for the demanding professional or anyone who is serious about his art; be it music, recording, mixing or mastering.
Starting with Grace Design, Lewitt, Metric Halo, PSI Audio and Radial we are looking forward on expanding our catalog even more.




Being working engineers, our studio is our shop.

Though we do have an independent office/warehouse and do plan on opening a small physical shop in the future, we strongly believe that Pro Audio Equipment should be auditioned in a professional environment so please don't hesitate to contact us and arrange a meeting/demo to further discuss your needs.