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Tube-Tech SMC 2B

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Stereo Multiband Compressor

The TUBE-TECH SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor features three independent optical stereo compressors.

Combining the effect of wide 3 band level control with individual compression of the three bands creates pure magic, especially on the main mix bus, but also on submixes like drum buss, instrument groups and single tracks.

The SMC2B is one of the few audio processors, that is very hard to bypass, even after a short listening test, and it will tend to stay inserted forever because of the color and dynamics it can add to your source material.

Try it for mixing, and hear the magic no other compressor can deliver!

For Live use the SMC2B is adding quality and musicality to top touring acts. 

 As an extra bonus feature, SMC2B can also be used to solve / remove annoying frequencies in basses, vocals, etc.

It can even be set up as a d-esser.

SMC2B can be very effective when recording very dynamic vocalists without having to spend hours sorting out problems after the recording has been done.

 The SMC 2B is one of the most creative and musical audio tools available, and an all-time favorite for countless sound engineers around the world.



-The World’s only all-tube multiband compressor design

-Low distortion optical gain reduction elements

-Frequency response: @ -3 dB: 5 Hz to 60 kHz

-Low noise: < -60 dBU @ 10 dB gain

-CMRR: > 60 dB @ 10 kHz

-Three bands per channel with variable crossover frequencies

-Variable threshold, ratio, attack and release for all three bands

-Master output gain: Off to +10 dB

-Balance Control (+/-1,5 dB)

-LED display shows compression

-Clickless In/Out relay

-Conductive plastic potentiometers

-Gain Control for each band

-Gold plated switches (SMC 2BM

-In- and outputs are transformer balanced and fully floating

Specifications (pdf format)

-Impedance: Input: 2 kOhm, Output

 -Frequency response @ -3dB 5 Hz to 50 Hz

-Distortion THD+N @ 40Hz : 0 dBU 0,15 % , +10 dBU 0,15 %, Max output +26 dBU <1%, Max input <1%

-Noise Rg=200 Ohm, 22 Hz-22 kHz: Output Gain @ 0 dB < -85 dBU, Output Gain @ +30 dB < -75 dBU

- CCIR-468-4: Output Gain @ 0 dB < -75 dBU,  Output Gain @ +30 dB  < -65 -dBU

-Cross talk @ 10 kHz: < - 40 dB

-CMMR @ 10 kHz < - 60 dB

-Master Gain: off to +10 dB

-Low Mid Hi band Gain: off to +10 dB

-Tracking Between Channels: <0.5

-Low/Mid X-over Frequencies: 60-300 Hz (x1), 0.24-1,2 kHz (x4)

-Mid/High X-over Frequencies: 1.2-6 KHz

-Ratio: 1.5:1 to 10:1

-Threshold off to -20 dBU 

-Attack 3 ms to 200 ms

-Release: 60 ms to 2 s

-All specifications @ RL = 600 Ohm

-Power requirements: @ 115 V/230 V, 50-60 Hz, 35-50W

-Tubes: ECC 81 4 pc, ECC 82 2 pc, ECC 83 2 pc

-Dimensions: Height 3 units 132 mm 5,2”, Width 483 mm 19,0”, Depth 205 mm 8,1”

-Weight: Net 6,2 kg 12,7 lb, Shipping: 7,5 kg 16,5 lbs

I can't say enough about the sound of this unit, particularly in the high end. The amazing thing with this processor (when applied judiciously) is that it seems to do the opposite of what its name implies. Instead of sounding more compressed it sounds more open! A flat one-dimensional mix suddenly becomes more expansive.

Pro Audio Review

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